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Triangle K Farms--Registered Red Brangus heifersTriangle K Farms has over 100 breeding age  registered Red Brangus cows in productionTriangle K Farms--Registered Red Brangus heifers for sale.Miss TK Highway 901Z3, Powerful Highway daughter.  616 lb 205-day adjusted wean wt, 925 lb 365-day adjusted year wt, ultrasound info: 396 days old, 970 lbs, 12.11 REA, 0.25" fat, 4.54 %IMF. Excellent performance, style, and pedigree.Windac Predominant 854D6 (KLASE) and progeny.  Triangle K Farms long time herd sire, and sire of Dos XX'x Stout herd sire.
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Commercial Heifers for Sale:  weaned fall of 2014

Kmiec Commercial Red Brangus Cow-Calf pairs--breed Triangle K Brangus bulls to your commercial cattleKmiec Cattle commercial Red Brangus cow-calf pair--breed Red Brangus bulls to your commercial cows to produce replacement Red Brangus cattle like these functional femalesRed Brangus commercial heifer sired by Triangle K registered bulls out of commercial Red Brangus cowsProductive results of good red Brangus genetics fitting the environmentKmiec Commercial Red Brangus heifers for saleRed and Black Brangus cattle produce feed efficient quality beef as well as excellent female replacements--the best of both worlds
Red Brangus Cattle For Sale.  Breed Triangle K Red Brangus bulls to your cows to produce the most functional replacement females for hot and humid climates with carcass merit genetics.  Their Red Brangus heifer calves make great replacements that are reproductively efficient and adaptable in these climates.  Their Red Brangus steer calves are very grass efficient in stocker programs and feed efficient performers in the feedyards.  Select your bulls in the Bull page.
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Heifer progeny of Brinks BS 607L11 30T43: highest recorded %IMF Brangus bull @ 10.31%
Miss TK Ten 31X5 and Miss TK Ten 225X2 --Brinks BS 607L11 30T43 daughters.  Combining muscle, high meat quality grade, bone, fertility
Miss TK Ten 31W5 with her first calf; a Highway heifer calf.  Excellent udder and teats.Miss TK Ten 225X2Miss TK Ten 3011W2 and Miss TK Ten 31W5Miss TK Ten 1101X2 -- Brinks BS 607L11 30T43 daughter