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SUREWAY'S ROCKY STREET 227N --registration # RR603167-- IBBA Red Brangus Show Sire of Year 2007-2009 -- Most prolific Red Brangus registered bull in the IBBA database to date-- Owned with Buffaloe Cattle Co.-- Limited SEMEN @ $50TALENTO DE ROCKBROOK 895H3 -- registration # AX15030-- Both parents were black Brangus -- Triangle K herd sire 2002-2004 --Sire of Rocky Street 227N --SEMEN @ $30TK VALERO 101P6 --reg # RR603448-- --Top 3%  IBBA for Birth Weight EPD at -2.8 , (62% accuracy)--Grand Champion Bull at 2005 Houston Livestock Show -- Sire of grand champions in Mexico for co-owner Rancho Los Nogales  -- son of TK Klassic 590K2 and out of a  Summit Cadence daughter-- SEMEN @ $30Brinks BS 607L11 30T43 - registration # R10082769.  30T43 is the highest recorded %IMF bull in the IBBA database, and he passes these genetics to his offspring.  30T43 Igenity DNA tenderness score is 9 (10 being the most tender);  CSS semen available $40TK SUPER DUPER 297Z2  -  BKC SUPERMAN 101U  x  MISS TK ROCKY STREET 297X2
CSS Semen For Sale on Triangle K Farms International Red Brangus & Black Brangus Herd Sires:
Sureway's Rocky Street 227N -- $100--International Brangus Red Show Sire 2007 - 2009.  Limited to 25 straws
TK Highway 901S -- $35 --Red Senior Champion Bull at 2009 Houston Livestock Show
TK Valero 101P6 -- $15--Grand Champion International Red Brangus Bull at 2005 Houston Livestock Show
Valero is ranked top 3% of the IBBA database with -2.6 EPD Birth Weight (.70 accuracy)--tops for Red Brangus bulls
Brinks BS 607L11 30T43 -- $40--black Brangus--R10082769--highest recorded scan Brangus bull at an incredible
10.3%IMF, currently 2nd highest proven %IMF EPD Brangus bull at 0.57 (breed average is 0.01)

Semen For Sale on More International Red Brangus Bulls:
Talento de Rockbrook 895H3 -- $20--Sire of Sureway's Rocky Street 227N
EM Texas Sensation 33/4 --RR600684-- $5--Dark Red Sensation son
VCC Cardinal 107D --RR600002-- $5-Red Grand Champion at 1997 Houston Livestock Show-- Sensation son

HERD SIRES and SEMEN SIRES--Semen Available as noted
Triangle K Farms--yearling bullsKmiec Cattle Red Brangus feedlot steers from the commercial operation.  Sired by Triangle K registered bulls.Triangle K Farms Optimaxx Brangus Steers--Use Red and Black Brangus registered bulls on your commercial cattle to get Brangus Optimaxx source and age-verified added value on your calves--Heat tolerant Brangus cattle produce excellent replacement females and feed efficient quality beefBrangus Optimaxx Beef Genetics  -- Brangus Age and Source Verified program to earn added value on your Brangus calves for beef export markets.  Use registered Brangus bulls to produce cattle that qualify for OptimaxXTriangle K Farms produced high marbled ribeye steak.  30T43 sired steer calf 98X.  138 days finish ration at Graham Feedlot in Gonzales TX in 2011 during the hottest summer on record.  High quality genetics fit the environment and consumer preferences.  30T43-highest IBBA recorded %IMF Brangus bullRed Brangus commercial steer produced by Triangle K registered bulls and Triangle K-sired commercial cows.
For sale:
Red breeding age bulls ready to sell:  Excellent type

Black breeding age bulls:  sold out    

Compare the EPDs of our bulls with others when making purchasing decisions.

Triangle K bulls have:
Balance and Moderate EPDs,
Moderate Size, the right type for long term performance and fewer problems.
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Featuring TK HIGHWAY 901S pictured above and in the video.  Registration # RR10047320   Among the best Red Brangus bulls today.  HIGHWAY produced more IBBA red registered calves than any IBBA registered red brangus bull in 2011 and 2012 combined.